Should You Have a Receiving Line at Your Wedding?

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Wedding etiquette is still very important for most of the brides and grooms out there. However, all the rules surrounding what is “acceptable” and “not acceptable” at a wedding can also be very confusing as well. For example, should you have a receiving line at your wedding? We have gathered some important tips of advice on the things you need at a wedding reception – so make sure to read on if you want to find out more about the wedding receiving line ideas.

  • Having a receiving line is actually more than “proper etiquette”. It is practical too! You may feel that you are spending tons of time greeting your guests in a receiving line, but imagine how things would go if you had to greet each of them throughout the wedding reception. Most likely, it would take much more time than you expect it and you would end up spending your entire wedding greeting guests as you meet them (and searching for those you haven’t had a chance to greet too!).
  • It is not absolutely mandatory to have a receiving line, though – especially if you either don’t have many guests (under 50) or if you have more than 100-150 guests. Also, if your family situation is complicated (such as divorced parents), you may want to avoid having a receiving line because it may cause people to feel uncomfortable.
  • In the end, this is your decision – this is your wedding and you should be happy with how things are going! However, please make sure you weigh in both the advantages of having a receiving line and its disadvantages before you decide on anything.

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