Should You Offer Kid-Friendly Wedding Favors?

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Kids are a true blessing wherever they go – and when they are invited to weddings, they always bring a wonderful wave of positive energy with them. If you have invited kids at your wedding too and if you are wondering whether or not you should offer kid-friendly wedding favors, make sure to read on and find out more about the wedding favors for kids and different wedding favor ideas:

  • It is not absolutely necessary that you make special kid-friendly wedding favors, especially if the favors are suitable for kids too (such as edible treats, for example). However, you might want to take this into consideration because it is a really wonderful way to show them and their parents that you really appreciate their presence at your wedding.
  • Offering kid-friendly wedding favors is also a great way of bringing the little ones on your side and trying to keep them away from getting in trouble. For example, if you offer wedding favors that keep the kids busy (such as little toys, coloring/activity books, and so on), they will be kept busy throughout the entire wedding.
  • Offering kid-friendly wedding favors is truly inexpensive and there are ideas that might actually cost much less than the favors you buy for the adult guests. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with some really inexpensive and absolutely cute ideas the little ones will love.
  • There are a lot of wedding favors that work wonderfully with kids: activity books, single-use cameras, sand toys (if you plan on having a beach wedding for example), mini-caramel apples, S’mores and so on. You just need to pick something that is kid-friendly and works well with your wedding theme too!

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