Social Media Wedding Etiquette

While posting videos, pictures, and stories of your big day on the internet is fun, there’s such thing as social media etiquette. We understand that getting married is a milestone that deserves to be shown to the world.

However, in our age and era – where photos, films, reels, and other such media have become an important part of life – there are a few social media etiquettes to follow when uploading such media about your wedding and preparations. Here are a couple of examples!


Social Media Wedding Etiquette


  • Don’t Overshare Your Ring Details

When sharing details of your wedding on social media platforms, be sure to exclude specific details about your ring. For example, there’s no need to let people in on your ring’s cost or carat size.

Your partner may not want people to know about these details. So details of your ring are better kept private.


  • Share Your Hashtag

One way to personalize your wedding these days is by creating a hashtag. It is usually a combination of letters from both your names.

Sharing your wedding hashtag online helps keep pictures from your wedding in one place, especially for those who couldn’t make it to your wedding.


  • Consider Your Mental Health

Social media can be overwhelming, especially when planning an event and scrolling through different pictures and pages for inspiration.

You risk getting an “inspiration overload” because you may find yourself adding too many pictures to your inspiration board and, in turn, creating more stress for yourself in the long run! Instead, consider taking breaks from social media, especially weeks before your big day.


  • Inform VIPs About Your Engagement Before Posting Online

Before posting it online, the golden rule for social media wedding etiquette is to inform your loved ones about your engagement.

Unfortunately, although you may believe it’s a pleasant surprise to post first on social media for your loved ones, you could be hurting their feelings instead.

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