Some Choices for Your Style of Wedding Ceremony

Yay, you’re engaged now! Along with this excitement comes the realization that there is a wedding to plan. You’ve come across lots of ceremonies of different kinds and you’re wondering what they entail and which you should go for. Or you might even have an idea of the kind of ceremony that you want to have but don’t know what it’s called. We at Stonebrook Manor have put together this list of wedding ceremony styles and hope that it will help you in deciding which is best for you, so that you can start preparations for your wedding in Thornton, Colorado.

Some Choices for Your Style of Wedding Ceremony

  • Religious

This is the ceremony that takes place in a church, cathedral, mosque, synagogue, temple, etc. You can have this if you need to get married under the watchful eye of God. It is characterized by scriptures, hymns, and guests that are properly behaved.

  • Non-Denominational

In this kind of wedding, there is the acknowledgment of a higher power but no names are mentioned. It is usually done in the presence of family members and friends.

  • Interfaith

This occurs when the couple comes from different religious backgrounds and can also include a religious person marrying a non-religious person.

  • Civil

In a civil ceremony, there is no mention of religion or a higher power. It is usually handled by a registrar or done at the registry or another licensed venue,

  • Cross-Cultural

This is when couples who are from different strong cultures decide to incorporate bits of both into their wedding ceremony.

  • Joint

Although not popular because most couples prefer for their wedding to be about them and them only, joint weddings do occur. Siblings, best friends or twins sometimes have a joint wedding ceremony. It can help reduce overall costs and can be twice the fun too.

  • Eloping

This kind of wedding is often less stressful, a whole lot cheaper and far more intimate. Eloping allows couples to take their wedding to an exotic quiet location, where they can exchange vows before getting on with the honeymoon. The downside? Forget about the gifts.

  • Vintage

Are you and your partner old souls? Then this is the one for you. Vintage weddings are classy and fun and you can incorporate the theme into everything from your fashion to the food served.

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