Some Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Want from You

While you’re supposed to make your big day about things that make you happy, the interests of your visitors should also be considered. So, aside from music and cuisine preferences, here are some of the things that your guests probably don’t want from you!


Some Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Want from You


  • Long Breaks Between Activities

It can appear inconsiderate to leave your guests in a new location while they wait for lengthy intervals between your wedding activities. People have other things they’d rather be doing than sitting in a new place and staring off into space!

Ensure that you provide correct information about how you’ve organized your wedding events in your invitation and program.

Arrive on time and provide enough space between the day’s many activities without delaying the proceedings. If any significant delays occur, consider offering refreshments to your guests.


  • A Seating Arrangement with Strangers

While coming up with the proper seating arrangement for your wedding may be time-consuming, ensure your guests aren’t seated next to total strangers (i.e., people they don’t know). Avoid random seating arrangements.

Instead, develop a strategy where at least one person from each group is known by everyone else at the table. Then, discuss a seating plan with your partner, parents, and the wedding party.


  • Being Too Engrossed with Your Partner

You are permitted to express your love in whatever manner appeals to you on your wedding day. But being too immersed with your partner might imply an ungracious attitude towards your visitors, and no one wants an ungracious host!

As a result, while acknowledging their presence by saying a few pleasantries is not expected of you, it is highly appreciated.


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