Stained Glass Is Such a Beautiful Motif for Your Wedding!

Stained Glass Is Such a Beautiful Motif for Your Wedding!


All couples want to make their weddings look and feel unique to them – and thankfully, every new wedding season brings with it new opportunities in terms of originality and beauty.  

For instance, did you know that stained glass is a rising star in the world of wedding décor? Would you consider incorporating it into your wedding day 

If not, you should! It’s a fun twist which can add a touch of warmth to your venue.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you in this:  

  • StationeryYour wedding invitations set the tone for your day.  Give your guests a peak into what to expect on your wedding by sending them invitations hand painted to look like stained glass. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring in some color into your invitations 
  • The ceremony. If you don’t plan to have your wedding in a big church with stained glass, you can still bring the same effect into the ceremony site you have chosen. For instance, we love the look of adding reclaimed stained glass as a backdrop, whether hanging from an arch or suspended from surrounding trees. This will add such a unique, touch to your ceremony.  
  • The cake. Not very sure about the classic white cake? How about something a bit more artistic, like a cake painted to look as if it were made with stained glass? This kind of cake can really WOW all of your guests. 
  • Escort Cards. Use reclaimed pieces of colored glass in lieu of traditional paper escort cards.  Using paint or a paint pen your calligrapher can personalize each piece.  It is a very elegant way of both leading people to their seats and showing them, you are genuinely thankful for their presence there.  
  • Lanterns. Having an outdoor wedding? If yes, you will want to make sure the space is properly lit – and what’s more romantic than to light up your wedding with stained glass lanterns? They will emanate such a warm and inviting light We are sure you will be pleased with the effect.  

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