Starry Patterns Are Breathtaking on Wedding Dresses

You want your wedding dress to be totally unique – and while you might not want to go all the way and wear a colored, or even a black wedding gown, the truth is that you have a lot of options that lie at the borderline between tradition and contemporary.

Take star patterned wedding dresses, for example. Beautiful, playful and torn out fairy tales, these dresses can make any bride feel like a real-life princess. Here are some of the most inspiring types of designs to look into:

Solo hanging wedding dress | Stonebrook Manor Denver

  • A short one. Who said you have to wear a long wedding dress? It’s summer, weather is nice, and it’s 2017 – so if a short skirt is what you want for your Big Day, you should be more than free to wear it. We suggest a ruffled dress with intertwined star patterned bits. It will look so childishly graceful on you!
  • A super-long one. Want to be a bit more traditional? Opt for a super-long dress with long sleeves. The best ones are made from airy fabrics (such as organza or veil), and they come in a multitude of shades – from pure white to creamy champagne. Wear yours with star appliques for a dash of luxury, beauty, and…magic.
  • A bridal cape. Not sure about wearing a dress that’s fully star patterned? No worries! If you plan on having your Big Day later this summer or even during the early Fall, wearing a thin veil cape is more than suitable. Get yours with a star patterned design if you want to look really chic and pretty!

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