3 Ways To Display Your Wedding Favors Like A Pro

You’ll need a method to show off your wedding favors once you’ve chosen them. Some couples use creative ways to exhibit their wedding favors, such as artwork, a beautiful installation, or a simple element of each table’s setting.

There is no right or wrong answer here, only your preference. It would be best if you chose what you want to show off your wedding favors as. While it may be a distinctive element of weddings, pulling it off might be difficult, which is why we’re sharing various methods to assist you in making a decision!


3 Ways To Display Your Wedding Favors Like A Pro


  • Accentuate Your Guest Seating

When using a venue that doesn’t have enough room for a large display, placing your favors at your guest seating is an excellent alternative. This eliminates the need for place cards since you may customize the gifts by assigning particular seats to your guests.

Of course, you’ll need to pick favors that match your tabletops; this way, they will easily fit into your table decor. Talk with your wedding florist and designer to see if there is enough room on your wedding tables for the favors.


  • Evaluate Your Space

While your venue may not accommodate larger favors, showing off standalone gifts isn’t the best. Consider placing a monogrammed mug display at your reception for your guests. However, this will need adequate floor space at your wedding location. It also implies you must consider the expense since favor displays are frequently the most expensive choices.


  • Select The Appropriate Favor

The size of your wedding favors will determine how you’ll display them at your wedding venue. Favors that are more personal and practical are better options than decorative ones.

Edible wedding favors are also handy and practical for guests since they aren’t likely to be with them when they leave or travel back home.


No matter the style or theme you have selected for your wedding; or the kind of wedding favors you would like to appreciate your guests’ presence with, Stonebrook Manor is the right venue for your perfect wedding! With our unique location and beautiful backdrops, we know you’ll have a truly wonderful wedding. Contact us today!

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