Wedding Venue Testimonials

"We are so happy with how our reception turned out!!! Your staff was amazing and every one of our guests thought Stonebrook was gorgeous and had a wonderful time. You will be receiving a formal thank you note in the mail soon as we truly had a wonderful experience from the moment we walked in the door on the first visit and met with you to the end of our reception. Thank you for everything!!!"
Kristen Sitz
Kristen Sitz
"I wanted to reach out and thank you for the amazing job you and your team did for me and Amanda’s wedding. Everything went off without any issues and as much as we would like to take all the credit we both know that it was mainly due to your help and organization. I don’t remember the name of our chief helper the night of, but she was fantastic you all went above and beyond our expectations. Everything was beautiful and your staff was amazing!!! If anyone I know gets engaged you and Stonebrook are the only people I will suggest you made our big day so easy and relaxed. Thank you again and again."
Amanda and Brett
"Dear Terren, thank you for everything the wedding came out very nice. Your venue is very beautiful and was easy to work with you, your captain and people were very nice, tell them thank you from us . If you need any feedback on your website or any other let me know I will be more than glad to explain how you try the best to help us create the perfect environment for our multicultural wedding:)."
Monica & Dmitriy
Monica and Dmitriy
Our event was not a wedding but rather a promotional event for Dill Pickle Love Ministries, a non-profit in Colorado. This was not the first time we selected Stonebrook Manor; my wife and I also had our wedding reception there in 2010. Stonebrook did such a stellar job for our wedding reception, we did not even consider going anywhere else for the ministry event. As far as the rating scale is concerned, a score of 5 is inadequate: 100+ would be more appropriate. The venue is fresh, clean, attractive, and well-maintained inside and out. The staff is a complete joy to work with. Service is beyond excellent. Food is a culinary delight, presented well, with lots of options to tailor your event to your liking. Pricing? Well, let’s just say if it weren’t a good value, we would not have been able to have either event there. If you are looking for a venue of beauty and excellence in the Denver area, save yourself the frustration and disappointment of visiting the dozens of options, and just go to Stonebrook Manor first. Then, my suggestion is, not to bother looking any further.
- Paul
My husband and I were blown away with the quality of service and value we received from Stonebrook Manor. Stonebrook completely worked within our budget and every question asked was answered promtly and in a very professional manner. We received so many compliments about how smooth everything ran. A few people even told us that they had never been to a wedding without any hiccups and we literally did not have one! I can only speak for myself, but I was definitely worried something would happen not according to plan on my wedding day. Stonebrook made sure that did not happen! Our captain was awesome and our cake was amazing! The pastry chef, Marla, made our cake exactly the way I had envisioned it! We only booked the officiant through this venue and we were absolutely pleased with our choice. I am extremely happy we chose Stonebrook as our venue; our wedding day was perfect!
- Heather
Stonebrook was absolutely AMAZING! They made my dream wedding come true! Their venue was perfect and the food was delicious! So was the chocolate fountain we had! Their staff person who was in charge for the night was great! Any little concern I had she took care of it right away! I am so glad I chose Stonebrook as the place for my wedding and reception. It was PERFECT!
- Elysa
Stonebrook Manor was great! The area of our ceremony was beautiful and we were with plenty of time for our reception. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and professional. They provided all of the tables, chairs, table cloths, plates, etc. Also we catered and had our cake done through them. The food and service were really good and made our wedding go smoothly. Both my husband and I, and both of our families were very pleased with Stonebrook.
- Julianne
Stone Brook Manor was hands down the best at what they do. They make sure you have exactly what you need when you need it. I am in the military and being in boot camp and training we had to change my date 3 times, and they worked around my schedule to accomidate my needs. They made it stress free and even had a package to take care of everything else. They were all very professional and willing to help you no matter who you asked everybody was all on the same page. Go with the photographer and DJ service they recommend. The food was amazing and full of flavor. The decorations and table settings were above and beyond our expectations.
- Krista
Stonebrook was an amazing value. I got the professionalism and beauty I dreamed about 100% within my budget. The staff were so friendly and nice. If I ever had a question or concern it got taken care of immediately. I was completely at ease on my wedding day knowing they would take care of everything.
- Mindi
Stonebrook Manor was literally a DREAM COME TRUE! I planned my wedding from NYC in 3 months, and they made it not only happen, but made it more than I could have imagined! There isnt a SINGLE complaint I have. The staff are so friendly and personable, they are flexible in providing whatever you want, the prices are extremely competitive, the food was amazing, the vendors could not be better! (I got the DeeJay, officiant, and photographer – the florist was the only one I didnt care for). Whenever I had an issue they always worked with me, and the event went so flawless! I got a ridiculous amount of comments saying how beautiful it was! I may be a little biased, however, this truly was the best wedding I have ever been to. I honestly honestly say they have perfected the art of weddings! You should ABSOLUTELY plan yours here! I had the wedding of a lifetime.
- Barbara
This place is awesome. The facility and landscaping are unbelievable. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the flowers and waterfalls, in addition to the ponds. The staff was excellent to work with and once we were there, they ran the whole show. My daughter was very happy with the service, and the elegance of the facility. I would highly recommend this place.
- Jenny
We had a wonderful wedding experience at Stonebrook. The food was amazing, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and the garden was beautiful. They also provided our cake from their personal chef and she did an amazing job. Exactly what we wanted! We had an amazing night and would recommend Stonebrook to everyone!.
- Katie
Stonebrook was completely great– the food and cake were amazing, the staff was so helpful and the service was wonderful! They brought appetizers and water out after the ceremony, served my husband and me, and kept checking throughout the event to see if there was anything else they could do. We had the morning time slot, and I was a little worried that setup would be frantic, but the ballroom was gorgeous! We were able to bring in payments when we had the money, and every time I called with a question, they made notes in our file, so that we never had anyone second-guessing anyone else. Even our guests said that the place was beautiful, the food and cake tasty, and the staff friendly. Not one thing went wrong, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place for our wedding!
- Elizabeth & Nick
Stonebrook Manor was the perfect spot for our outdoor garden wedding. We booked a year in advanced to take advantage of the great deals they were offering, which included special pricing for the officiant, florist, and photographer. Along with the special included vendors, Stonebrook provided an excellent venue with courteous and helpful staff. The food was excellent as was the cake — all of which we didn’t even do a tasting for. Their wedding packages truly make planning a wedding much less stressful than having to find separate vendors for everything. The wedding was absolutely marvelous and everyone had a great time! I highly recommend Stonebrook Manor for your wedding.
- Jeri
I cannot fully express how happy I was with my wedding and reception at Stonebrook. I was completely overwhelmed with the gardens, great food and wonderful staff. The price was extremely competitive! I honestly wish I could do more to promote this venue besides a simple review. I was extremely pleased with every aspect of my wedding at Stonebrook
- Lainey
Stonebrook was wonderful. The food was great the venue was beautiful and they took care of everything, so we didn’t have to worry about getting things done on our wedding day. This was the best choice and helped to make our day special. All of our guests loved the venue and the food.
- April
My wedding took place in June and I wanted a place that would look classy and not need many decorations. I found the Stonebrook on my quest for a facility that would do everything for me. I just didn’t want all the hassle or a headache, I wanted it to be perfect (as any Bride would) but I didn’t want to have to spend a lot of time on the project. Thank you to the Stonebrook! They took care of everything for me. They recommended a wonderful Officiant who did our ceremony perfectly. A photographer who took so many wonderful pictures I had to narrow down my favorites to about a hundred of the thousand that he took…the great thing here is we received the rights to all of our pictures! From there they had a wonderful catering staff and the food just melted in your mouth…oh and one can’t forget the cake…AMAZING so beautiful I didn’t want to cut into it. The facility itself we used for our ceremony as well as the reception. The ceremony site was so beautiful, under this marble structure surrounded by grounds covered in flowers (cut down on flower costs!). And the reception site itself didn’t need any decorations, it was so beautiful. Overall I don’t think we could have done any better than what we received. I had my perfect night and I would happily recommend the Stonebrook Manor to EVERYONE!
- Jessica
I was extremly pleased with Stonebrook for both my ceremony and reception. They have a beautiful venue and great people. All of the staff was very helpful and made the night stress free. I would definitely book through Stonebrook if I had to do it again
- Luan
I highly recommend the Stonebrook Manor. They were prompt, helpful, courteous and wanted to be sure that the Bride was the center of everything. The convenience and ease of having the catering and cake done in house was priceless, and the food was delicious! I can not say enough great things about this venue!
- Chelsa
The staff at Stonebrook Manor made planning a wedding quick and simple. They offer so much to their customers, from the site to catering to the cake, we were very happy with them and we highly recommend this site!
- Lauren
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