These Rose Bouquets Are Perfect for a Romantic Bride

As a bride, you want your bridal bouquet to look flawless – because, at the end of the day, this is more than just an accessory. It is a symbol, a mark of beauty, and part of the look you will adopt for the most amazing and unforgettable day of your entire life.

As one of the most popular wedding flower of all times, roses are a truly magnificent choice for every type of bridal bouquet. No matter how elegant or casual you want your wedding to be, you will definitely appreciate the grace and romanticism of roses included in your bouquet.

What are some of the most beautiful rose ideas for your bridal bouquet? Read on and find your inspiration:

These Rose Bouquets Are Perfect for a Romantic Bride

  • Orange poppies and peach roses. This bouquet combination would be absolutely perfect for a rustic chic bride who wants to embrace warm hues for her wedding day. Delicate and romantic at the same time, wild and tamed, elegant and casual, this bouquet is bound to attract everyone’s attention – and if you ask for a “messy” arrangement, it will definitely WOW everyone with its power and beauty.
  • White roses and dahlias. Planning a fall wedding next year? How about a gentle bridal bouquet made out of white roses and white dahlias? For a bit of uniqueness, you can ask for dahlias of different sizes – the combination will add texture and originality to the bouquet, making it stand out beautifully (despite being monochromatic).
  • Two types of roses and peonies. If you are a classic, romantic bride, nothing will beat a bouquet based on just roses. Pick soft colors and combine them with white for a delicate appearance. Also, ask your florist to combine roses with garden roses and to pop one or two stems of peonies into the mix as well – it can make all the difference in the world in terms of structure and look!
  • Roses, olive branches, and anemonae. If you are looking for a very special bouquet based on roses, ask your florist to bring together some rose stems in different colors, olive branches, anemonae, and to coordinate them with pieces like scabiosa and spirea – it will look absolutely stunning!


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