These Wedding Reception Trends Are Goals!

Few life events are as beautiful, as glamorous, and as unforgettable as one’s wedding day – and if you are planning your own Big Day in Denver, you definitely want everything about it to be perfect from A to Z.

What are some of the very best 2019 wedding reception trends to inspire you?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

These Wedding Reception Trends Are Goals!

  • This is by far one of the biggest trends of 2019 – not just for wedding décor, but for interior and home décor in general too. If you want to bring a slight boho-chic, hippy vibe into your wedding, macramé is a wonderful option. Use it as a backdrop for the ceremony, as table runners, or as part of the small details that make the difference (e.g. the bags you use for the wedding favors). It will look so romantic and sweet!
  • We’ve seen mermaid hair and mermaid makeup – so it was high time the trend entered the wedding décor world as well. How to pull it off? You could, for example, use iridescent-colored table linens. Keep in mind though, if you opt for something like this, you have to make sure your other pieces of décor on the table are muted and that their color scheme goes with the general color scheme of the table linens.
  • Décor you can use again. Want to save money and be in trend? Reusable décor is a huge YES right now – and it can be so easy to fit it into any kind of wedding! For instance, you could use your wedding ceremony backdrop as the backdrop for your sweethearts’ table too.
  • You might feel that balloons are only for children’s birthday parties – but they can create such a nice vibe for a wedding too! Just imagine a simple table décor, complemented by a floating décor made out of pastel-colored balloons in different sizes. This is bound to look whimsical and magical- precisely what you need for a super unique and fresh looking wedding. People will just love this!


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