Things to leave out of an interfaith ceremony

Love knows no boundaries, no ethnicity and no silly social rules. It moves across the nations, across religions and across cultural differences like nothing else in the entire world does. Love does conquer all – but what to do when planning an interfaith ceremony? Are there any “rules” to keep in mind? What’s more, what are the things to leave out of an interfaith ceremony? We have gathered some helpful tips – so read on and find out more

• Yes, there might be things you should leave out of an interfaith ceremony (but, in the end, it’s all up to you whether or not you actually do this). For example, if certain passages or traditions are in contradiction with those of your fiancé’s, you might want to leave them out.

• Also, it is highly recommended that you avoid including long passages spoken in a language most of the guests will not understand. It is OK to include traditions from the two cultures (and even to explain their beautiful meaning in the wedding program), but it can be very hard (and lengthy) to translate certain languages, so you might want to skip this.

• Last, but definitely not least, you might also want to avoid traditions that are highly similar to each other. The important thing is the meaning behind them and the beautiful symbolism that led to their creation – so you will not want to spoil everything by making it feel like a “repeat” version with a “twist”.

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