Tips for a Romantic Wedding

Tips for a Romantic Wedding

If you are a romantic at heart, you most likely want your ceremony to reflect that, and there’s no better place to serve as a backdrop for this than Stonebrook Manor. You can find us in Thornton, Colorado. Just like you, we truly believe in romantic weddings. They’re beautiful, but you must be careful if you are to pull one off successfully. Here are a few tips to help your wedding have the romantic feel you’ve always dreamed of:

Tips for a Romantic Wedding

  • Your Vows

If you want to have a romantic wedding ceremony, you should probably choose to write your vows. They are more authentic and there will certainly be a few tears shed as you share your own words and promises to your spouse. Personal vows go a long way towards making your wedding romantic.

  • Your Music

For a romantic wedding, you will need ambient music. There will be times for dancing of course, but overall, choose slow love songs that are special and mean a lot to you and your partner. Do not forget to let the DJ know that you want a romantic atmosphere, so that the songs played, will reflect that.

  • Your Flowers

When it comes to portraying romance at weddings, you can never go wrong with roses. Calla lilies and peonies are also acceptable. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to roses or peonies, ranunculus is the flower to go for.

  • Your Fashion

For a romantic wedding, your wedding gown should be soft, flowing and probably made of silk. You should also choose sophisticated shades for your color combinations. Cream, hints of gold and soft blushes should do the trick.

  • Your Location

This is the most important part of your romantic wedding plan. For the lighting, you should try dimmed lights or switch them out for candles. The location itself should be dreamy and exotic. The themes should be to celebrate love, so a sentimental display of the wedding photos of your family and friends, is sure to complete your romantic decorations.

Here at Stonebrook Manor in Thornton, Colorado, we are experts at hosting, planning and executing romantic wedding ceremonies. We have the right location for it too. Contact us today and let us help make your wedding dreams come true.

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