Tips For a Warm-Weather Wedding

Whether you are hosting a morning wedding or an evening outdoor soiree, making sure the setting is beautiful and comfortable will mean everyone attending has a great time.

Couples have many options for where to have their wedding, and today, we’re going to tell you why a warm-weather wedding might be perfect for you!

A warm-weather affair can be held in any number of spaces that will capture your guests’ attention and keep them comfortable. For example, a large wedding venue with manicured grounds!


Tips For a Warm-Weather Wedding


  • Pop-Up Tent

Consider a pop-up tent if you have an outdoor ceremony planned for a warm-weather wedding. Temperatures in June, July, and August often average around 70 degrees Fahrenheit across much of the United States.

While this is great for being outside, it’s essential to ensure good airflow to keep everyone comfortable.

Use fabric for your tent that’s thick but breathable, like polyester or canvas. It will help move air through the room while still giving guests an intimate setting.


  • Shaded Seating Areas

If you’re having your wedding during the day, arrange shaded seating areas for elderly guests or those sitting and exposed the most to the sun’s rays. A simple canopy will help keep everyone comfortable without being too intrusive.


  • The Layout of the Ceremony

Spend some time thinking about the layout for your ceremony and reception venues. For example, it might be wise to have the guest tables closer to the house, so they are easier to attend to during the reception.

If you are hosting a seated dinner on an elevated deck, keep in mind that the sun will set behind you if you’re facing east, so your guests may be more comfortable if they are facing west.


  • Rent the Proper Decor

If your wedding is indoors, but it’s too warm to wear long sleeves or pants, rent décor that can be used as room dividers or cover-ups once the ceremony is over.

You can also use a fabric that feels cool for tablecloths and chair covers so guests will feel as if a tree is shading them!


Here are a few more tips: Be sure everyone has a place to put their belongings during the ceremony or reception, so they don’t have to keep holding them

It’s also a good idea to have a station where people can get ice water or some other cool beverage to stay hydrated.

These simple tips are all you need when having a wedding during the warmer months of the year. But you’ll also need a gorgeous location for your wedding, and Stonebrook Manor offers that.

Our lovely wedding venue is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. You’ll love our beautiful manicured and gorgeous grounds too! To contact us, just click here!

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