Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Wedding Send-Off

After the epic wedding ceremony and the elegant wedding reception, all that is left to crown your big day is a memorable wedding send-off that will forever be entrenched in you and your partner’s memories.

Millions of wedding send-off ideas are probably popping in and out of your mind right now. However, there are certain things you must do to truly ensure your wedding send-off is memorable and unforgettable. Your wedding photographer definitely has some major roles to play in creating a memorable wedding send-off at your wedding.


Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Wedding Send-Off


  • Prolong your photography hours

It is of utmost importance that your wedding photographers are still present during your wedding send-off. This will assure you of amazing photos and some fun memories.

If your photography contract does not cover the wedding send-off, you should consider contacting your wedding photographer for the extension of the photography hours in order to have a memorable wedding send-off and a perfect wedding celebration.


  • Involve your photographer in the send-off plan

Let your wedding photographer now what you intend to do, when, and how you intend to do it. This way, they will know what to expect and when to expect them. With complete information, they can put their experience and expertise into action. If your photographer has prior experience at your wedding venue, they can also give you more exciting ideas for your send-off photographs.

Stonebrook Manor has worked with several photographers and it’s always so pleasant because they know the lighting. Plan, etc. of our venue, so they’re dept at taking pictures that show off the beauty of your wedding at our equally beautiful venue.


  • Think about creative send-off ideas that will be just perfect for the pictures

Professional wedding photographers are great at capturing those romantic moments that will always put a smile on your face. If you want an extraordinary wedding send-off, all you need to do is think of some creative wedding send-off ideas you and your partner will love, after which you can leave all other things to your photographer. They know exactly how to capture these memories in a way that will leave everyone amazed.

Some popular ideas you can consider are the use of pop-out streamer cannons, sprinklers, LED light sticks, etc.

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