Unique Ways To Use Your Wedding Hashtag At your Venue

A wedding hashtag is a great way for couples to document their wedding activities on social media platforms. It gets pictures and comments in one place and gives easy access to guests or even couples who want to relive their wedding day’s memory!

It is also a way to quickly see all the nice things that your wedding guests – family, friends, and loved ones – had to say about your big day.

But there’s a unique way to use your wedding hashtag better: incorporate it into your venue! It will help remind your guests to use it as they post pictures from your wedding on different platforms.

It would also serve as a confirmation to many guests who may not know how to use it. There are many unique ways to use your wedding hashtag at your venue. See a few below!


Unique Ways To Use Your Wedding Hashtag At your Venue


  • Neon Signs

While wood signs may be okay for your wedding hashtag, neon signs are more eye-catching. Neon signs are pretty trendy, and several vendors specialize in creating unique neon signs.

Neon signs don’t only customize your wedding venue. They also serve as a significant part of your decor.



  • Add To The Vendor List

Your wedding vendors provide outstanding services that make for an easy flow of events on your big day. You may decide to support them by enlisting their brands and information and displaying them at a strategic corner in your wedding venue.

It is better to place it close to the seating chart. But, of course, it is also necessary that your hashtag appears beside your list of vendors!



  • Behind The DJ

From time to time, your guests will be looking towards the DJ stand. So find a way to place your hashtag behind your wedding DJ. It’s best if there is a wall behind the DJ. You may use a custom board or a neon sign to display your hashtag behind your DJ. The unique ideas for displaying your wedding hashtag need a unique venue to support or accentuate their beauty.


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