Unique Wedding Venues in Colorado

Stonebrook Manor: A Unique Wedding Venue in Colorado You Won’t Want to Miss

Weddings typically happen once in a lifetime.

And, like most things that do not come around so often, everyone wants their wedding to turn out as special as ever. Going all out on weddings is nothing of a surprise anymore. It is almost a competition of who can outdo the others with lavish wedding venues, breathtaking décor, and exquisite catering.

There are enough establishments offering unique wedding venues in Colorado, but to truly filter out the venue that suits your own taste, you must know exactly what you are looking for. Do you want class, style, sophistication, and romance all bundled in one package? Then Stonebrook Manor is just perfect for you.

Where Dreams Become Reality

Unique Wedding Venues in ColoradoEvery bride and groom’s dream is to feel like true royalty on their wedding day. Even though this is only a borrowed illusion, Stonebrook Manor strives to make those dreams as much a reality as possible. Picture grand chandeliers, dramatic sweeping staircases, and beautiful foyers and you would have an idea of what Stonebrook Manor has to offer.

Stonebrook Manor is a wedding reception venue situated in Denver, Colorado, offering both indoor and outdoor wedding services.

For the bride and groom who decide to schedule their wedding in the rainy or cold season, they could conveniently have an indoor wedding reception. And, for the party that lands during the warmer months, there is all the opportunity to take advantage of the lovely outdoor weather.

From the truly spectacular landscaping to the tranquil environment, Stonebrook Manor puts everything in place to depict elegance and royalty on your special day.

Enchanting Wedding Venues

What makes Stonebrook Manor such a unique wedding venue in Colorado is the sheer number of choices guests have for where they want their reception to take place.

For the lovers that opt for an outdoor wedding event, you will be pleased to know that Stonebrook Manor has beautifully landscaped gardens that set the tone for an elegant wedding. Beautiful backgrounds offer opportunities for stunning wedding photographs, and the natural elements add another touch of uniqueness.

Our Grand Ballroom seats up to 600 guests, and though it is situated indoors, the strategically placed windows allow a magnificent view of the outside grounds. Lights, grand staircases, and chandeliers lend a warmer tone to this room, adding a touch of romance and elegance.

The Marquise and Tiffany Ballrooms are perfect for weddings with about 50 to 170 guests. The windows here also lend the beautiful light of the outdoors to the indoor venue. Granite Fireplaces, private sunrooms, and hand-crafted chandeliers are just some of the fine amenities that your guests will be talking about for years.

Depending on the number of guests and your preference in seating arrangements, you can pick from either of the two ballrooms. The ballrooms are inclusive of large dance floors for the bride and groom’s first dance and the after-party fun.

No matter how large or intimate you wish your wedding event to be, Stonebrook Manor can arrange the venue to suit your tastes.

The Love Gate

Stonebrook Manor is all about romanticism at heart, and a perfect symbol of this is our Love Lock Gate, where the bride and groom have the opportunity of literally locking their love. The love locks are a tradition that newlyweds around the world use to signify their love by locking a padlock on a bench or gate and throwing away the key.

Nothing says unique wedding like a timeless tradition. Make your symbol of everlasting love with the Love Lock at Stonebrook Manor.

Exquisite Wedding Menu

Food is an essential part of any occasion, and weddings are no exception. Your guests are there to celebrate with you, yes, but they do not plan to do that on an empty stomach! Believe it or not, your wedding menu can make or mar your wedding event, so careful planning is key.

The Stonebrook menu upholds our mission of satisfying every guest in every way. Masterfully prepared meals, exquisite plating, and desserts to die for. Every aspect of our wedding menu speaks to our commitment to stand out as a unique wedding venue in Colorado. From the hormone-free, all natural meats to the custom options for vegetarians and other dietary needs.

Stonebrook Manor offers you the best in catered menus with packages that would suit anybody. All food is prepared on-site to be fresh, and by only the most professionally trained chefs. Our kitchen staff use only the finest ingredients and culinary offerings to create a spectacular catering experience for you and your guests.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Taste for yourself! We hold tastings regularly, so get in touch to learn about your next chance to see why everyone raves about the food at Stonebrook Manor.

Choose the Unique Colorado Wedding Venue You Deserve

Stonebrook Manor strives to create the most idyllic atmosphere for weddings and our unique wedding venue in Colorado is a testament to this mission.

Consulting services are available to get an idea of what exactly you have in mind for your wedding in terms of floral arrangements, theme, and catering. Whatever you want, Stonebrook Manor aims to make your personality shine through at your wedding event.

There are many ways to make your wedding event truly unique and memorable to you and your guests. Stonebrook Manor takes all of those ways and presents them in the best, most affordable packages.

If you are looking to have a wedding in the Denver area, Stonebrook Manor will not disappoint. We create memories that last you a lifetime and more.

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