Ways to Choose Your Wedding Date

You have sailed through the engagement phase and enjoyed the trills that came with it, now you have to come up with responses to questions like “When’s the wedding?”. If you are one of these people then this article is just for you.

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One of the ways to approach this problem is to list out the dates you do not want and then tick out more dates from the list. You can also decide to pick memorable dates like the anniversary of when you first met as your date, a birthday or New Year’s Eve or any other significant dates of your lives. If this is still hard for you to decide you can use the following.

Ways to Choose Your Wedding Date

  • Seasons

Pick your wedding date from a season means you are self-conscious and aware of your immediate surroundings. This is a popular way of choosing when to get married. It could be in the winter, spring or autumn.

  • Month

Some people choose wedding dates by the month. the month of March, for instance, is the most popular month to get married in as the year is still new. The not so popular month to get married in is December as many people tend to think that potential guests will be too busy with festivities to attend.

  • Choose Based on Venue

Some couples determine the date of their wedding based on the venue. If a venue is available and the couples can book then that day is the date of the wedding. And since a lot of people use this same system to find a suitable date pick a non-traditional wedding date.

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