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Catering Desserts

An exquisite feast using only the freshest ingredients is awaiting you at Stonebrook Manor.

We use only the finest Angus beef and all natural chicken and fish. No processed foods, antibiotics, preservatives or hormones used. Our chefs and personal wedding reception catering staff have created a sumptuous array of menus that will surely delight you and your guests. They will orchestrate some of the finest culinary offerings available that will promise to delight your senses. We invite you to experience them. Vegetarian, vegan, or special dietary requirements are available upon request.

We are thrilled to be able to give back to our local community. Here at Stonebrook, we are able to donate our unused food to those in need. In cooperation with a Front Range Senior Citizens Association and Community of Faith in Denver (COFU), we help provide much needed meals for our local senior citizens. By providing meals to the under-privileged, as well as those that are unable to leave their homes, we do our best to give back to the community that has given us so much!


Tyler (Back of the House Manager and Chef):  15+ years of experiance and the highest level and equally proficient in all aspects of food preparation and fine dining creating dishes that will engage diners and please their palates. He brings years of culinary training and expertise establishing a memorable culinary experience for all. His demonstrations of professionalism and consistently high standards ensure success at every event. From kitchen prep to plate presentation he has an unbending commitment to the highest quality possible.

Denver Wedding Catering

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