A Wedding Food Bar Will Add So Much to Your Wedding!

Undoubtedly, weddings these days are much more permissive than what they used to be like a few decades ago. Take, for example, the foods served at a wedding. From a must-have seated dinner to buffet meals and passed finger foods, it seems that the wedding world has come a long way –and food bars seem to be one of the best recent additions to the “mix” of the current wedding food landscape.

What are some of the best wedding food bars to incorporate in your wedding? Here are some wonderful ideas:

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  • An oyster bar. This is more than ideal for a very elegant wedding, where you want to actually pamper your guest’s taste buds with fine foods. Settle for an oyster bar and they will definitely love it!
  • A pie bar. Planning a rustic wedding? What could be more rustic than a table filled with homemade pies in all their glorious varieties? We bet people will appreciate the idea! If you want to add a “wedding-worthy” twist to your pies, have your catering service make them in “mini” versions – they will be even better that way!
  • A pretzel bar. Have you ever considered planning a pretzel bar at your wedding? Delicious and simple, these German snacks work marvelously dipped in different toppings – so guests will definitely love them.
  • A bacon bar. Let’s admit it: bacon is the ultimate universally-loved food. Organize a pretty bar where guests can grab sticks of bacon and dip them in chocolate and other toppings – it will be more than amazing!

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