Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance – Is It Needed?

Do I need wedding insurance?

When you have been dreaming of and planning your wedding for a lifetime the last thing you want to think about is a disaster happening on your big day. But let’s be real, something bad can happen. The thought of something bad happening that could impact your wedding day has probably never entered your mind so you may be wondering what on earth could happen that I would need insurance for?

Your wedding dress could get damaged or your gifts could be stolen. Scary when you think about it but life is real and we want you to be prepared.

We have put together a quick glance about wedding insurance so you can decide if it is right for you.

Who Needs Wedding Insurance?

Anyone that is spending a lot of money on their wedding should consider having wedding insurance. After all your wedding is single-handedly the most important and costly day of your life. The last thing you want is for something to happen which would impact your finances even more. Peace of mind that your finances are protected may be worth the minimal investment.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

All wedding insurance policies are different and range from liability insurance that protects you if something is damaged at your venue to liquor liability insurance which would cover alcohol-related injuries. We all know that weddings sometimes encourage guests to overindulge in the “free spirits” which results in outrageous and reckless behavior…an accident is not out of the norm. These are probably two of the most common but you can also obtain a custom-made wedding insurance policy.

Find a wedding insurance policy that you can customize for what you feel is important (protect your deposits, your dress, cake, flowers, and even your wedding photography).

What Is Not Covered By Wedding Insurance?

I wish we could tell you that there is nothing that isn’t covered but each policy is unique so you have to make sure to read the fine print and know what you are getting. One thing for sure we know is that wedding insurance does not cover is if you were to change your mind and cancel the wedding.

Where Can You Purchase Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is pretty easy to obtain. You can check with your local insurance agent or the bigger providers such as Wedsafe, Travelers and Progressive. You can even buy insurance for your wedding day online. Just make sure to read your policy thoroughly so you know exactly what you are buying and protecting. (Wedding insurance can also be referred to as Event Insurance)

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

As with any insurance policy, the price depends on the type of coverage and how extensive the policy is. Our research found prices ranging from $200 – $1000+.

Planning your wedding is an exciting time in your life and shouldn’t be overcast by the thought of some disaster ruining your day. The memories that you create during your engagement, wedding planning and wedding day should be your main focus but a little “just in case” insurance won’t hurt.

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