The Wedding Menu Answers You Needed

Ask anyone what are the most important Denver wedding elements and they will always place food and music among the top 3. They’re right – studies show that food is a truly important part of a wedding, and this is true across different generations and social statuses.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to pay for your catering service – but it does mean you should pay attention to certain details. Here are some of the absolute basics you should consider:

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  • Cocktail hours without food can end in disaster. Serve something easy to bite – such as mini sandwiches or some kind of hors d’oeuvres. Soup shooters and chicken sliders are also a good idea. The main point here is to offer your guests something to eat – you’ll be away for one hour (or more), so they need to get in the mood for party (and they definitely don’t need to drink on an empty stomach).
  • Late night snacks are golden. Everyone loves them. They are indulgent, they are delicious, and they keep the party going on. The best part about this? Anything works, even for the fanciest wedding. From pizza to an entire array of street foods, your late-night snacks can be as low-key or high-brow as you want.
  • Say “No” to messy foods. Burgers are fine, but eating an entire lobster when wearing an evening gown – well, that’s a challenge you don’t want your guests to face. Stay away from (otherwise delicious) messy foods – it will be best for everyone involved!


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