Wedding Planning before the Engagement?

Let’s face it: for most couples, the engagement doesn’t come as an actual 100% surprise. You may not know the time, the style of the ring, or even the place where your engagement might happen, but you do know that it’s coming.

Under these circumstances, it is perfectly fine to start planning the wedding before the engagement – because why not save some time and set some basics straight before the ring is on your finger?

Here are some of the wedding planning tasks you can definitely plan before the big YES.

Wedding Planning before the Engagement?

  • The wedding style. This can be a casual conversation about how your wedding should be like. Will it be a very elegant event or maybe a very casual one? Maybe you even have an attire style in mind – for instance, you may have always pictured yourself wearing a long train, and he might have pictured himself wearing a very elegant tuxedo. These talks are more than fine to tackle before he even proposes, so don’t hesitate to do it.
  • The size. Some people want small weddings because they are more intimate. Others, on the other hand, want everyone they know and love to be there for them on the Big Day. Both options are more than fine – and everything in between is excellent too. It is important to talk about this with your future spouse, though – it’s the kind of discussion that lies at the foundation of your wedding planning and which should happen as soon as possible (which is precisely why you can talk about it before you even get engaged).
  • The date. You might not be able to set the actual wedding date yet (you need to book a wedding venue to make sure your date sticks first). However, you can broadly discuss when you want to get married. It could be just the season (if you’re keen on a particular season), or it could be a broad date around an event you both care about (your anniversary, one of your birthdays, and so on).

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