These Wedding Planning Tips Can Be a Life-Saver!

We’re sure you’re putting all of your time and effort into planning the perfect wedding day. Yet, no matter how much you plan, and no matter how much you read about it, there are still quite a lot of things people simply…forget about.

What are the less common, but monumentally important wedding planning tips to keep in mind? Read on and find out more.

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  • Things might feel absolutely crazy – and that’s fine, most couples go through this at one point during their Big Day. If you feel it’s just too much to take, push the “pause” button and go talk to an old friend. Listen to what they have to say and “tear” yourself from the wedding-related topics for 10-15 minutes. It will refresh your thinking and refill your batteries!
  • A lot of people will give speeches at your wedding – and it is very important that each and every one of them is “briefed” before the Big Day. This way, you will help them avoid any kind of stories or anecdotes that might offend the other guests present at the wedding.
  • It’s really OK to assign someone to “steal” you from conversations that are too long. People will want to talk to you – and it is more than alright to spend a couple of minutes at each table, smile, take pictures, and be generally polite. But when these discussions are stealing precious wedding time from you, it is very important to be “saved” from them. Assign a bridesmaid to always come and politely take you away when you encounter these situations.

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