Wedding Vendor Tipping Guide

Every excellent work deserves to be recognized, even if you’re paying for it. This is why tipping wedding vendors, mainly when they’ve exceeded your expectations, is a beautiful gesture.

When drafting your wedding budget, be sure to include the funds you’ll need to tip your vendors. So, without further ado, here are some tips to guide you in tipping your wedding vendors!


Wedding Vendor Tipping Guide


  • Your Ceremony Officiant

Unlike most wedding vendors, you’re expected to tip your wedding officiant. If your wedding officiant is a clergy person from your church or synagogue, tip them more than a cleric who isn’t from your place of worship. Donate directly to the institution.

However, if the institution charges you to use the space, consider giving them a smaller amount. The standard amount for tipping the officiant’s institution is $100-$500. You can tip the officiant about $50 to $100.

By the way, tip the officiant before the wedding; have an attendant slip them an envelope during your rehearsal dinner.


  • Your Wedding Reception Attendants

Waiters, bartenders, bathroom and coatroom assistants are among the people you’ll need for your wedding reception.

The amount you tip them is determined under your agreement; this implies that the amount you give will be influenced by whether or not their service fees are included in the contract.

While it’s usually acceptable to end weddings with a gratuity, you may offer attendants before the event. It will encourage them to give their best efforts during your wedding ceremony.


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