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Indoor and outdoor wedding venue serving the Denver Metro Area.

Stonebrook Manor will captivate guests with a style of sophistication and romance from the moment they arrive. The 24,000 square foot indoor and outdoor Denver, Colorado wedding venue has been planned and designed by wedding and banquet event professionals.

Denver Wedding Venue Review | Stonebrook Manor

Looked at 12 places in Colorado til we found Stonebrook Manor, our Lucky 13. It was everything we were looking for in a venue, gorgeous grand staircase, elegant rich foyer, amazing ballroom with chandeliers, beautiful gardens with waterfalls and coy ponds. Truly breathtaking place and made our wedding dreams come true…

– Emily V., Broomfield, CO

Our Facility

Stonebrook Manor and the surrounding gardens are an oasis in Metro Denver. One would never guess that because of our elegance, we are in fact, one of the cheaper wedding venues that Colorado has to offer. Our excellent landscaping cuts off the world, creating an island of peace, making your ceremony and reception timeless and apart, the perfect setting for the perfect wedding. We have outdoor settings for ceremonies and indoor alternatives that are just as beautiful. Our gardens, ballrooms, and bride’s and groom’s rooms are all elegantly decorated to help you feel like royalty for your special day. If you are looking for a location for your special event, one that is attractive, memorable, and comfortable, look no further than Stonebrook Manor. Our exquisite facility is designed to both impress and welcome your guests. The grounds are delicately manicured with lush flowers in nearly all colors of the rainbow. Elegant waterfalls in all three of the gardens are both attractive and calming. The manor itself is 24,000 square feet of elegance as well as efficiency. The manor was designed to make it simple for your guests to enter and exit as well as being completely handicapped accessible.

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  • Affordable Wedding Venue in Denver | Stonebrook Manor
  • Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venue in Denver | Stonebrook Manor
  • Affordable Indoor Wedding Venue in Denver | Stonebrook Manor
  • Outdoor Wedding Venue in Denver | Stonebrook Manor
  • Beautiful Denver Wedding Venue | Stonebrook Manor
Denver Wedding Venue Review | Stonebrook Manor

This place is awesome. The facility and landscaping are unbelievable. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the flowers and waterfalls, in addition to the ponds.

– Jenny P., Thornton, CO

Grand Foyer

The Grand Foyer is designed to be at once elegant, impressive and comfortable. Travertine and Granite tile floors, grandfather clock, and Victorian flourishes all lend an air of sophistication that your guests will take with them throughout the event. At the same time, the softly lit ceiling, floor-to-ceiling fireplace, soft leather couches and baby grand piano make the Foyer a welcoming space.

Gardens and Outside Chapels

Stonebrook Manor’s gardens set a radiant tone for beautiful weddings. Our gardens are designed to offer several locations for an outdoor wedding ceremony and contain numerous features that make for attractive photo opportunities. Natural rock formations, streams, and waterfalls all separate our gardens from those you find at other wedding venues. Bridges, arbors, benches and marble gazebos give you and your guests many opportunities to discover beautiful moments and make unique memories. Click here to view our Gardens and Outside Chapels

Review of Our Denver Wedding Venue | Stonebrook Manor

I received so many compliments afterwards on my choice of venue. All my guests loved Stonebrook Manor, from the beautiful grounds, to the elegant reception room and the wonderful food. I plan on booking the site for future anniversary parties as well as large family functions.

– Gweneth R., Review

Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom can seat between 750 to 1100 guests, depending on the seating style you prefer. The ballroom has windows on nearly three complete sides, unveiling a full view of our elegantly designed grounds. Castilla chandeliers give an elegant tone to this room and at night provide a warm, sophisticated light. The ballroom has two sunrooms, two bars, two mezzanines and two grand staircases.

Marquise and Tiffany Ballrooms

These ballrooms offer seating for up to 300 guests depending on seating style you prefer. There are multiple walls of windows that bring the outside beauty of the gardens into each ballroom. Grand staircases allow for entrances by bride and groom or other honored guests, while overhead hand-crafted chandeliers give off elegance as well as warm, comforting light. Each ballroom has a granite fireplace, which gives warmth and character to the room. The private sunrooms also have built-in bars, making them ideal places for hanging out later in the event. These rooms can be configured in many different ways to match the event you are planning. To see our elegant facilities for yourself, please schedule your personal tour today.

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Denver Wedding Venue Testimonial | Stonebrook Manor

We got married in May and the gardens were just starting to bloom. It was absolutely awesome.

– Jennifer P., Firestone, CO

Site Plan

Our Wedding Venue Layout | Stonebrook Manor | Denver, Colorado


Love Gate at Stonebrook Manor | Denver Wedding VenueIt has become a worldwide phenomenon: symbolically locking your love with a padlock around a fence, chain, or gate. Lovers then throw away the key, showing that they never again want to separate from their beloved. Fences, bridges, and rails are becoming loaded down with love, but you don’t have to travel around the world to find a place to lock your love.

At Stonebrook Manor, we have been inspired by this custom and now offer you a place to affix your lock during your wedding where it will be safely protected as a permanent reminder of your love.

The History of Love Locks

Stonebrook Manor Love Gate | Denver Wedding VenueMany point to a tragic Serbian love story as the true origin of love locks. In the story, a young schoolteacher in the town of Vrnjacka Banja fell in love with a soldier who went off to war. When his country fell, he stayed in Greece and married a woman there. The schoolteacher died of a broken heart, and to avoid her fate, young girls began placing love padlocks on a bridge where the couple supposedly met. This story became more well-known nationwide when it was popularized by the poetess Desanka Maksimovic in her “Prayer for Love.”

The tradition was spread beyond Serbia by visitors and especially by the Italian novelist Federico Moccia, who in 1992 and 2006 published two young adult romance novels that mention the rite.

Initially, the love locks were considered charming, but as they have spread, they have become more controversial. Many cities and other governments have decided to stop the tradition by imposing fines on lovers, removing the locks, or sometimes removing the gates and other features the locks are attached to and placing them in storage out of sight.

Love Locks in Denver

Love Locks at Our Wedding Venue in DenverAt Stonebrook Manor, we’re hopeless romantics, and we couldn’t help but give our couples a place to put such a romantic and everlasting reminder of their eternal union that began right here at our wedding venue.

Every couple that has their wedding at Stonebrook Manor can put up a love lock during their ceremony or reception. You can find love locks easily by searching online, though many bridal boutiques and wedding supply stores sell them as well. It’s best to have your love lock engraved so you can find it when you come back to visit during other occasions when the grounds are open.

To maintain the purity of the Love Gate, we ask that you only put a padlock—and not other decorations—on the mesh areas of the gate, not on the lettering or ivy.

Want to learn more about the romantic features that Stonebrook Manor offers for a wedding? Please contact us today to schedule your complimentary tour.

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