What Are Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors are one part of the wedding that your guests will take home as a reminder of your wedding. And we at Stonebrook Manor believe that you should pay great attention to it. Apart from being one of the best venues for your wedding in Denver, we’re also interested in the happiness of you and your guests. Wedding favors are one way to achieve that. Want to find out more? Read on.

What Are Wedding Favors?

  • A Brief History

Wedding favors have been around for centuries and were popularly known as bonbonniere in Europe. Bonbonnieres were small boxes containing sweets that guests could enjoy at home after the wedding. The bonbonnieres were also a way for the couple to share their good luck with their wedding guests since weddings were considered lucky.

  • In Modern Times

Wedding favors are a small token of thanks for the guests who show up at your wedding. You could also give out favors for people to remember you and your wedding by. Whatever the reason, favors are still an important part of weddings today as they were in the olden days and you should pay attention to it during your wedding planning.

  • How to Choose

Choosing wedding favors is no mean tasks as there are lots of ways that you could choose to go. It helps if you pay attention to your budget and have already decided on the role that you want your wedding favors to play after your wedding.

  • Traditional Favors

These can come in the form of the wedding cake, picture frames of the couple or other baked goods inside dainty ribbon tied boxes.

  • Ethnic Favors

Fortune cookies, swiss chocolates or other sweets from around the world are the contents of the ethnic favor boxes. They can be used to celebrate your culture.

  • Homemade Favors

Also known as DIY favors, they can be everything from herbs to candles and even potpourri. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to make them if this is the way you choose to go.

  • Themed Favors

You can also choose to give favors that rhyme with the theme of your wedding if you are having one. An example is mini boats for a beach wedding.

Whichever you choose, wedding favors are a way to show appreciation to your guests and is a great way to make everyone happy.

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