What Should You Include with Your Wedding Invitations?

Sending out the invitations is a pretty huge step in the wedding planning process – it makes everything feel finally very real (and also, very close).

Of course, you want to infuse the invitations with your own personality and style – but it is also very important to keep in mind some basic etiquette rule (because yes, invitations are very pretentious from that point of view).

What should you include with your wedding invitations in the envelope?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

What Should You Include with Your Wedding Invitations?

  • The Dress Code Insert. You don’t want to specify the dress code on the actual invitation, but on a separate card. If you feel that this might be needed, feel free to make it a funny or a sweet introduction into how you want people to dress for the Big Day. This will make them feel less awkward about it (and potentially more open to actually adopting it).
  • The Maps. Planning an out of town or destination wedding? Or maybe your guests are mostly out of town? If any of these is the case for you, include a map of the area. This has a double purpose: helping people find your venue (but GPS coordinates tend to help more these days), and allowing people to discover attractions in the area (which they can visit before and/or after the wedding day itself).
  • The Website Insert. Having a wedding website is really not a very fancy thing – it’s pretty common and it’s actually useful in a million ways. One of the items you can include in your site (but should NEVER include in the invitation or the adjacent suite) is your wedding registry. Just pointing people to the registry sites directly from your site makes it easy for everyone (not to mention, it is considered appropriate!).
  • The Accommodation and Transportation Insert. This is where your guests will take all the information about the rooms booked for them and the transportation provided (or simply suggested) by you. It’s an extra insert that isn’t absolutely crucial (especially if you have a wedding website already), but it sure is a very nice touch, showing guests that you really care about them.


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