What To Include In Your Wedding Website

Stonebrook Manor is one of the top locations for your wedding in Denver. Here at Stonebrook Manor, we not only care about helping you host an amazing wedding, but we are also interested in the success of all the stages of your wedding. This is why we’ve decided to introduce you to the blessing that is a wedding website. There is nothing as advantageous as having a wedding website when it comes to your wedding. You can use it to communicate important details to your guests and also easily receive information from them. Building a website for your wedding can be quite inexpensive too. If you have decided to get a website for your wedding. Make sure that the following elements are included.


What To Include In Your Wedding Website


  • An Rsvp Section

Gathering all your RSVPs online can be way easier than having to do them the old paper way. Plus, your guest can simply indicate that they’ll be there at the click of a button from the comfort of their couch, rather than having to post things back to you via mail. Including an RSVP section on your wedding website means you can get it across to your guests easily, have them RSVP easily, and know who’ll be attending quite easily too.

  • A Registry

Including registry information on your invitations can be considered bad etiquette, but on your website, you can go right ahead. You are recommended to include your registry on your wedding website. If you have online stores that you are registered to, you can include them as well so that your guests would be getting you what you like much more easily and you’ll be sure of the item too.

  • Maps And GPS Coordinates

With these on your website, your guests can easily use their smartphones to locate your wedding venue. Providing directions to your wedding is an important part of your wedding preparation and with a map and GPS coordinates on your website, you’ve quite easily solved the problem.

  • Personalize It

Coordinate your website design with your wedding using colors, pictures and more. It will not only make your website beautiful and unique; it will help to get your guests excited and invested in your upcoming wedding.

Where are you holding your wedding in Colorado? Stonebrook Manor is an award-winning wedding venue in Thornton, Colorado and can host you and your guests. Give us a call today!

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