When Should You Introduce the Cake Cutting in the Wedding?

The cutting of the cake is a pretty big moment in a wedding – the kind of moment everyone will be looking forward to (and not just because, let’s face it, cake is delicious, but also because the cake cutting has a deep meaning to it).  

When exactly should this moment happen, though?  

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.  

When Should You Introduce the Cake Cutting in the Wedding?

  • Traditionally, this moment takes place between the dinner and the dancing. This usually happens in this order because most of the guests take the cake cutting moment as a trigger that they can start leaving the wedding (after they’ve had a piece, of course!). 
  • However, you can alter this tradition and have your cake slicing after the start of dancing if you want your First Dance to take place at the beginning of the reception. In the end, every couple is different and every wedding is different in its own right – so you should feel empowered to shift from the traditional timeline if it suits your style better.  
  • No matter when you decide to introduce your cake cutting in the wedding timeline, try not to do it too late in the evening. The reason you should avoid this is that most people take this as the earliest moment they can leave the wedding – and it’s not that people won’t be feeling great at your wedding, but some may have children to attend to or other obligations early the next morning and will want to be able to go to sleep at a reasonable time. Plus, why make people wait for the cake, since everyone will be craving a slice?  
  • Finally, don’t forget to make your cake cutting a truly beautiful moment. The song you choose to play in the background can play a huge role in the message this moment sends out. For instance, you could make your cake cutting feel really romantic and sweet with a slow, beautiful song – or you could make this an energizing and uplifting moment with a song that’s a bit quirkier or more humorous (and this option is great if the dances will follow shortly after because it will put people in the mood for dancing).  


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