Who Should Be Invited to the Rehearsal Dinner?

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Many of you may ask yourselves “who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner?” – and truth be told, this is a completely legit question regardless of how you look at it. If you want to find out more about what wedding etiquette has to say about who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner, make sure to read on because we have gathered some helpful tips.

  • You don’t have to invite everyone at the wedding reception to the rehearsal dinner too. In general, just members of the wedding party, parents and the officiant are invited to this dinner (and most of the times the officiant will not actually attend it).
  • Also, you should invite out-of-town guests as well. This is the polite thing to do if they are already in town by the time you have your rehearsal dinner. Even more than that, it can be a wonderful way to welcome them as well.
  • Keep in mind that the rehearsal dinner does not have to be as formal as the actual wedding reception. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable that you have a very informal rehearsal dinner (even over barbecue and beers). The main purpose of this dinner is to relax a bit and to plan the speeches so you shouldn’t stress too much over how formal or informal it is.
  • Also, remember that you don’t have to actually wear white either. Depending on the location, a simple cocktail dress or a summer dress will be more than fine for your outfit.

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