Why Saturdays are Always Best for Weddings

If you are about to get married, one of the most important things to consider is when to have your wedding.

You need to make sure the appointed date fits in with everyone’s schedules. This includes family, friends, and other loved ones who’ll be there to celebrate your big day. Most couples choose Saturday over Sunday or any other day, and with good reason!

Saturday weddings are becoming more and more popular as the weekend catches on as the best day for a wedding. There are several good reasons why a Saturday makes an excellent choice for a wedding, so we highly recommend you celebrate your big day on Saturday too. Please read the tips below to see why we say that!


Why Saturdays are Always Best for Weddings


  • More Memories

Saturdays offer twice as many opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime. More memories entail more joy, laughter, and photos to show friends and family.


  • More Fun

Couples often express how much they enjoyed their Saturday wedding because it is easier to celebrate on the weekend.

Saturdays tend to be sunny, with temperatures in the high 60s, allowing for beautiful outdoor weddings. And, of course, outdoor wedding ceremonies usually mean more dancing too!


  • More Family & Friends

Saturdays are also prime days for inviting family members who couldn’t otherwise attend the wedding due to work. Saturdays also cut down on the number of guests who have to take off work and avoid traffic congestion.


  • More Dancing

Saturdays allow for more dancing than Sundays or Mondays, which tend to be days reserved for memorial services and family events such as brunches and birthday gatherings. Saturdays are perfect for those who want an entire evening of dancing and celebrating!


There is no reason to wait with all the advantages of choosing a Saturday for your wedding! But your wedding venue is also essential here. You can’t have a Saturday wedding unless you have the perfect wedding venue, right?

Stonebrook Manor has hosted countless Saturday weddings, and we want yours to be next! You’ll love our venue, the amenities, and the gorgeous surroundings! So contact us now to begin planning the best day of life!

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