Why Weekday Weddings Are Fun

Sometimes, we want our weddings to happen at a particular point in the year. But it’s impossible if dates keep clashing with others because we’re looking for a Saturday to get married on.

We understand that Saturdays seem like the perfect day to have guests together to join in your celebrations. Many people are free from their jobs and daily lives on the weekends.

However, no one says you can’t have your big day on a weekday and still have as much fun or even better. Here are a few reasons why a weekday wedding is a great choice!


Why Weekday Weddings Are Fun


  • They Go Easy On Your Budget

With the rave about Saturday weddings, the cost of wedding services and items go high, from the venue down to the rentals. However, the case is different with weekday weddings.

Sometimes even, there are added incentives to the services that come with weekday weddings. In turn, not only will you save money, but also get extra value for your pay.


  • You Won’t Have To Choose Any Available Venue

With a weekday wedding, most of your preferred venues are free for the taking. Contrary to their Saturdays, which may be taken up for several weeks, months, or even a year, and you’ll be left with options. You can either choose an uncomfortable Saturday or look for any other available venue.


  • Your Preferred Vendors Are Available

You’ll be amazed to find out that most photographers, videographers, DJs, etc., have been booked for all the Saturdays in a year.

Considering that your wedding is a mini hangout without the necessary vendors, you’ll either have to wait or look for other vendors whom you may not know. Likewise, you may not have heard of their work patterns or styles.

However, your favorite or preferred vendors will most likely be free for your wedding on weekdays. That gives you just as much wonderful experience as you would have had with a Saturday wedding.


  • Lower Cost For Hotels

In the case of lodging with your loved ones and maybe a few guests coming from afar for your wedding, hotel charges are lower on weekdays.  And there are usually more available rooms to choose from.


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