Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

A new life is a life of adventure. You’re right to want to start it at a new location, somewhere far from home, an unfamiliar place.

It may be somewhere you’ve always dreamed of, or a place you feel it’d be nice to visit again, and this time, with your love! How exciting! Here’s to assuring you to take that decision.


Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding


  • A Chance At A Vacation

A destination wedding will be a celebration of new things and a new life of love ahead. And it may also serve as a vacation for you and your partner as a typical destination wedding lasts from 3 to 5 days. That leaves you with ample time to visit most of your favorite places and spend time with your guests.


  • A Chance At Having An Exclusive Guest List

Destination weddings always mean you have a trimmed number of guests, as no one expects you to carry everyone to an unknown destination.

You may not be able to bear the cost, and you’ll be responsible for too many people traveling with you. Having an exclusive guest list means an upgrade in the menu.


  • Easy To Get An All-inclusive Resort

An exciting part of destination weddings is that you don’t have to carry vendors around with their equipment and staff. Most resorts at your preferred destination offer an all-inclusive option, and it’s easier, especially with your exclusive number of guests.


  • Perfect Pictures

Of course, you’ll expect amazing pictures from your destination wedding. There are always beautiful sceneries, such as a tropical island, a snowy mountain, etc., to serve as the perfect backdrops.


  • Have Fun

With traditional weddings, there’s limited time for fun as compared to a destination wedding. There’s time to hang around your guests, sharing happy and fun memories, visiting places, going hiking if you may, dancing to songs, and making happy memories.


Nonetheless, destination weddings have taken a new meaning in recent times. There’s almost no need to run off to your “dreamland” because of the scenery; most venues have done well to provide unique panoramas for weddings and other events!

One of those venues is Stonebrook Manor. With our amazing picturesque views from perfect locations, your wedding ceremony will be unforgettable and an experience you’ll always recall fondly. Contact us now.

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