Yes, You Can Definitely Wear a Coat as a Bride!

Bride and Groom Dancing Alone in Gazebo | Stonebrook Manor Denver

Your bridal attire is one of the most important elements of the entire Big Day – so it is perfectly natural to think twice before choosing any of the pieces. From the bobby pins in your hair to the undergarments, everything can make a huge difference for how you will feel on the Big Day.

What type of coat can you wear as a bride? We have some suggestions for you – so read on if you want to find out more about this and “steal” some inspiring ideas for the Big Day.

• A (faux) fur capelet. Capes and capelets are more than trendy right now – and truth be told, you have so many reasons to love them and the way they can make you feel super-elegant in the blink of an eye! Wear a quality faux fur capelet on top of your dress if you want to feel like a real-life Disney princess!
• A (faux) fur coat. Want to be really, really glamorous on your Big Day? There’s nothing classier or more timeless than a well-made (faux) fur coat. Take inspiration from the Golden Age Hollywood actresses and wear your coat with a huge smile on your face!
• A leather jacket. If you’re the kind of bride who likes being really unique and non-traditional, a leather jacket is what you need. Wear it in black for a modern princess look, or in any other color (including white) if you want something bolder and more special.

Denver bride? We bet you’re searching for the very best wedding venue in the area – and if that’s the case, you should definitely come and see what Stonebrook Manor has to offer. Our stunning manicured gardens and the elegant interiors are here to make your Big Day a truly delightful and unforgettable experience!

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