Yes, You CAN Stay Calm on the Big Day!

Brides are usually so stressed out on their wedding day that it has become almost like a tradition to not fully enjoy this special event in your life. The great news? Things really don’t have to be this way – not even remotely. And yes, you can totally stay calm on the wedding day – following, we have gathered some tips on how to relax before your wedding.

Bride and Groom kissing under rainbow #2 | Stonebrook Manor Denver
• Are some traditions making you feel anxious? Simply skip them. If you feel awkward, stressed out, or anxious over any of the “established” wedding etiquette rules, skip them. Just a few of them still make sense today, so there’s no point in following a custom that doesn’t make you feel good (and even more, can be replaced with something more comfortable for everyone involved).
• You are with your friends and family – not strangers, and most definitely not anyone who wants to take down all of your wedding decisions. The whole point of the entire event is to feel happy – so put a smile on and enjoy yourself together with your closest friends and relatives.
• Having trouble with the wedding planning? You have an entire wedding party, an army of family members, and a loving fiancé – all ready to help. All you need to do is actually talk to them – yes, it is as simple as that.
• Don’t dedicate your entire life to wedding planning. Your engagement is a special time in your life – and the wedding will only last for a night, after all. Enjoy some quality time with your friends and with your loved one – you really don’t need to spend every minute of your pre-wedding life planning the big event…
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