You Might Want to Leave These Wedding Trends Behind

We always encourage brides to put their personality and love story into the way they plan their wedding – and although blindly following trends goes in opposition to that, looking at trends is definitely worth it when you need some inspiration on how to make your wedding feel fresh and unique.

What about trends that are going out of fashion? What are they for 2019 and why is it that they should be left behind?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

You Might Want to Leave These Wedding Trends Behind

  • Wedding favors and welcome bags. OK, everyone appreciates a warm gesture of gratitude – but it happens so many times that guests leave behind favors and welcome bags that you’d probably be much better off simply offering them a nice bottle of wine and a handwritten Thank You Most people are way happier with that than homemade jams and even luxury products in their welcome bags.
  • Matchy bridesmaids’ dresses. You can match your bridesmaids’ dresses or you can mismatch them as you please, sure. But dressing all of your bridesmaids in the same dress and same color is a little passé. Our advice? Either find a common ground all bridesmaids can follow (e.g. wearing the same color or the same neckline) OR go completely off-route and allow your bridesmaids to dress as they please. In the end, they are there to support you and be your friends more than to be part of the wedding color scheme – so why not allow them to dress in whatever they feel better wearing?
  • Going over the top. Sure, this is one of the most special events of your life and it is completely understandable if you want to make it BIG. However, going too much over the top can feel tacky – and while it used to be quite a huge trend in 2018 and 2017, it is now slowly fading out, leaving room for minimalism and beautiful simplicity. Settle for elements that truly reflect who you are, rather than elements that are just plain and simply showing off – it will create a personal event, the kind everyone will remember fondly.


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