Your Colorado Ballroom Wedding

One thing that ballroom weddings offer is the elegance and comfort that can make your wedding and reception, a dreamy one. Stonebrook Manor is located in Thornton, Colorado and we offer you two different ballroom options to choose from depending on your preferences and number of guests. Here are some of the ways that we feel that ballroom weddings can help to make your wedding, a perfect one.


Your Colorado Ballroom Wedding


  • The Weather

With ballroom weddings, you do not need a plan B, or C and D in case the weather turns ugly. This means that you can have your wedding in whatever season you wish. Our ballrooms at Stonebrook Manor can shelter you to the point of not knowing what is going on outside.

  • It’s Better For Dancing And Partying

Picture your elderly aunt trying to dance in her wedding shoes on the outdoor sand. We’re sure that’s a health risk that is written down somewhere! Our ballroom floors, on the other hand, are made for dancing. When you have a ballroom wedding, you do not have to bother about building a special dance floor as part of your wedding costs.

  • Creative Freedom

Again, this one is linked to the outdoor weather. With ballrooms, you can get as creative as you want with your wedding decorations, without having to worry about the rain, sun or a bad wind ruining them.

  • Guest Comfort

Which will also mean better pictures. No sweat stains or ruined make up will show up in your wedding pictures because our ballroom temperature can be adjusted and maintained to keep you and your guests comfortable. Your guests won’t also have to go hiking just to find a restroom if they need one because we have those comfortably nearby.

  • The Elegance

Ballrooms will bring the elegance and sophistication that you’ve always dreamed of to your wedding. We guarantee you that at Stonebrook Manor, elegance is our watchword. We’re located in Thornton, Colorado and offer tours on Monday – Friday: 9 am-5:30 pm, Saturday 10 am-4 pm, Sunday 12 pm-4 pm. Why not contact us and book a personal tour today? We won’t let you down.

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